Hiya, Auni here. Thanks for stopping by my page! Here you will find blog posts about my life and passions – largely to do with Make-up, Movies, Food & Travel.

I’m a Bangladeshi-Australian with a strange obsession for ice tea and breakfast food. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants in Sydney, watching lots and all kinds of cinema, holidaying in cold locations and stepping on crunchy leaves during Autumn (why is it so satisfying?!). I spend weekdays working 9 – 5 as a Financial Accountant and I spend weekends exercising my creative side as a freelance Make-up Artist. The rest of the time – it’s all about my family and friends, whom I cherish and adore beyond words (I’m sure they’ll pop up on my page from time to time!).

Everyone is welcome here, but if you are a woke individual who always challenges tradition and oppression – you are extra welcome.

Without further ado – let’s blog!